Exploring the Realms of the River with students of Pax Christi high school

On the 16th of June, our colleague Simon Schimmel helped the students of Pax Christi with a field class. At this annual field class 4 HAVO and 5 VWO students who get the classes Geography, Biology or Environmental studies get the assignment to make a land use plan for the Afferdense en Deestse Floodplains. Part of the assignment is to go on field trips to make an inventarisation of the flora and fauna.


The goal is to expand the river so that the water will have a better stream and waterway to the sea and that the waterlevel won’t cause the tide to go too high. This is combined with developing new nature. Each group gets an extra specific topic that they have to address such as the protection of bats or preventing the over colonization of geese.

Dekker Natural Resources works together with Boskalis on the Afferdense en Deestste Floodplains and Simon has acquired lots of knowledge and expertise of these river forelands over the course of the project. The students could ask him questions as well as Simon gave advice himself about how the designs could be more efficient with respect for existing nature or how you could use existing water more efficiently.

Educating the next generation about doing sustainable business in corporation with nature and being efficient whilst doing it is one of the things we work on with our colleagues and this extra opportunity to teach students only adds more value to the work we do at the Dekker Group.