Festive delivery of the Honswijkerplas

On Tuesday the 20th of May, the recreational beach at Tull en ‘t Waal was officially opened. City Council Member Geerdes van Houten revealed the sign of the Recreational Area Honswijkerplas together with sir Verkroost of the Recreatieschap Stichtse Groenlanden and our colleague Richard van den Berg.


At the opening several people who were present received a petit-four with a picture of the recreational area. After the official presentation was over a reception took place and the officials together with the residents enjoyed the party to the fullest. The weather was perfect and a few of the first swimmers were also present. All in all, it was a great day for the Dekker Group and the inhabitants of Tull en ‘t Waal.


In the past years, the river forelands have transformed into a recreational area with a total bank length of an impressive 3.000 meters of which 630 meters consists of sandy beach with a play area of 1.000 m2. Several facilities such as benches, picknick benches, fishing docks, sanitary facilities and 500 parking spots were also created to provide a full service recreational park. All of these facilities are privately financed from the profits of the mineral extraction.

In 2015 we want to start with the completion of the southern part of the lake.Together with all participants and residents living in this area we will work on a land use plan to transform this area to a nature reserve with lots of opportunities for recreation. Whilst strolling and canoeing the recreational visitors will be able to enjoy the beautiful nature this area has to offer. Bird watchers will be provided with a bird watch cabin so that they can catch a glimpse of rare and wonderful bird species that thrive there.