Installation breaker Rotterdam 57 completed

A growing demand for finer products called for a revision of our gravel processing plant ‘Rotterdam 57’. We could only process 80 % of the basic material but due to installing the breaker we can now make the raw material smaller. We increased the machine’s processing capacity and meet all the demands of the clients.

Frans Linnsen, our technical inspector, who supervised the installation, says: ” Our preference was the PralMühle, a very compact breaker which has an almost completely covered and wear-resistant housing through which the raw gravel is chopped into smaller pieces with a fast rotating rotor. This is energy efficient and produces little to no noise so we can use our installation at future projects as well.”.

The driving mechanism is started by a relatively small electrical motor compared to the entire breaker installation. After a start up time of 2 minutes the weight and shape of the rotor work as a fly wheel which reduces the use of energy when the breaker is working.

By improving our processing plant with the breaker installation we are working hard on being sustainable within the project Over de Maas. All the material that is used in the process on board of the sand classification plant ‘Rotterdam 55′ can now be used as a natural resource.


Frans Linssen says: “Because the breaker can also switch in turning direction its also possible to break in 2 different sizes. We use this to our advantage when we want to break the gravel in the sizes 2-8 mm, which is a sand/gravel fraction that we sometimes miss out on with our sand classification plant ‘Rotterdam 55’. This results in an extra boost of our sand and gravel production in the project ‘Over de Maas’ in Alphen plus a successful implementation of our policy on doing ‘Sustainable Business’ with the Dekker Group!”.