Official opening Well Aijen

On Thursday the 20th of February, Well Aijen was officially opened.Starting from the sluis at Reindersmeer a boat trip was made to the project area. On board were several colleagues of municipality of Bergen, Province of Limburg, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and several partners of the developers of Kampergeul. After arriving at the installation called ‘Emmy Yvonne’, deputy Patrick van den Broeck revealed an information sign about the project on the site.


The project Well Aijen consists of several developments, three of which we especially pay attention to are: high tide water safety, new nature development and recreation. This construction will lead to a water level lowering of 26 cm when it is high tide. Furthermore, an area of 127 hectares will be transformed into new nature and there will be plenty of opportunities created for recreational visitors. Dekker is part of the partnership of sand and gravel producers who do this project with the main contractor Kampergeul B.V.


Earlier on this website you had the chance to read about the placement of the installation ‚Emmy-Yvonne’ on the 5th of August. For more information on this project Well-Aijen you can click on several links on the right side of this page to see the project page of Well-Aijen or to visit the websites of the Maaswerken and Maaspark Well. Another possibility to get more details is to read the latest newsletter of Kampergeul via the link.