Production 4-16 starts at Les Gravières Rhénanes

At our quarry Les Gravières Rhénanes, which is located at the Bovenrijn between Basel and Straatsburg, Dekker has expanded its assortiment. Next to the usual 4-32 ( 4-32 mm grain size) we can also, due to a reconstruction of the installation, produce the grain sizes 4-16 mm and 16-32 mm. The 16-32 mm grain size is generally used as ballast gravel on flat roofs.

The gravel in the quarry (located at kilometer point 260 of the Rhine river) is mined with a deep grab dredger on a water depth of a mere 60 meters. By using floating conveyor belts the rough gravel is brought on land. The material disappears in the gravel processing plant where the gravel is cleaned, sorted and stored outside.



Through a conveyor belt, which is in a tunnel underneath the storage depots, the gravel is loaded onto ships which lay next to the banks of the Rhine river.

The water in the quarry is of excellent quality and is used as a breeding farm for salmon. In 2017 the construction of beaches and pastures will be started next to the banks.