Corporate Social Responsibility with the Dekker Group

Sustainable teamwork
Since the establishment of  the company in 1918, the Dekker Group has a close relationship with the landscape, rivers, mining and distribution of raw materials. Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR (People, Planet, Profit approach) is for our group one of the most important preconditions in order to be able to be in business.

We strive for a natural balance between economical, social and nature’s interests. Striving for excellence also applies to the production and transport of our raw materials. Limiting the energy consumption is one of the key points in succeeding in such a natural balance.

CO2 reduction
Another way of taking responsibility for nature inside our organization and internal company policies (new headquarters in Ijzendoorn) is working on sustainability. Important themes are water, waste and transport. We aim to reach the European objectives with regards to energy consumption which have also been mentioned in our government’s annual agreement. This means a CO2 reduction of 20% and an increased sustainable energy consumption of  14% in the year 2020.

At this very moment we are mapping out our possibilities for reaching these objectives. It shall not only be mentioned in a report but will also lead to changes in our company policies. All of our colleagues will be stimulated to raise awareness amongst themselves and others about the meaning of sustainability and how to directly apply that in a working environment.