Mission and vision

Making the connection
A hundred years ago, the Dekker company started dredging and mining sand and gravel and now the fourth generation is working on the landscapes and rivers which were once the workplace of their great-grandparents. Continuing with this sense of community, we work within a widespread network on mining and trading in building materials and mortar production. We develop either independently or together with other partners and projects in which these raw materials and aggregates are processed. We feel personally connected with our clients and surroundings where we are active.

Our vision: building long-lasting relationships and taking care of business
Dekker also wants to be a long term reliable partner for the client and surroundings of its projects. We continuously aim for technical innovation, on both development and production levels. Well trained and involved personnel naturally plays a large role in this. By using this strategy, we can deliver even better sustainable products to our clients.

By spreading our locations and project objectives we can keep building in The Netherlands, Germany and France on the short and long term and provide these countries with raw materials and aggregates.

Dekker takes care of business for the client by giving quality service, developing landscapes, mining raw materials and producing end products. The development of all of our projects goes in sync with nature. We do this by using area-specific information and we work with care and respect for the landscape and nature.