Dekker companies

The Dekker companies are building together on a sustainable future

Our group of operating companies and associates mine, transport and distribute natural resources in The Netherlands, Belgium and France. A wide range of raw materials are available through a large number of strategically located water-bound transshipment locations. The Dekker Group : strong through synergy and teamwork, working together on a sustainable future.

Dekker Grondstoffen B.V.
N.V. Ch. Kesteleyn S.A. (B/F)
Wezendonk Zand en Grind B.V.
Rhevo B.V.
DMA Mineralaufbereiting Gmbh (D)
Les Gravières Rhénanes SARL (F)

Trade and Logistics:
Dekker Grondstoffen B.V.
Cotrano B.V.
Devo Bouwstoffen B.V.
Heuff-Van der Kamp B.V.
Grind- en Zandhandel Bos B.V.
B.V. Het Haagsche Veem
Moräne Nederland B.V.
Dekker Transport B.V.
Delahaye-Lauwers (B)
N.V. Ch. Kesteleyn S.A. (B/F)

Devo Beton B.V.
Van Hesteren Betonmortel B.V.
Mortel Productie Vianen (MPV) B.V.
“Albeton” Algemene Beton Maatschappij B.V.
Façade Beton Maastricht
Transportbeton de Beuckelaer N.V. (B)
N.V. Ch. Kesteleyn S.A. (B/F)