Concrete mortar

Concrete mortar is mixed and prepared

Countless possibilities
Concrete mortar is mixed in a concrete plant or factory and is prepared based on a recipe.  Clients order concrete mortar for a multitude of applications. This could be a simple concrete floor or an artwork (for example a bridge) which is casted with high quality fast hardening concrete mortar.

Transportation concrete
After the recipe is prepared in the concrete plant water is added to the mixture so that a fluid mortar is created. By adding water a chemical reaction will happen together with the mortar and the hardening process is started. The mortar will be delivered in a truck with a concrete mixing trailer on site. Due to the transportation of concrete mortar, this mortar is also called transport mortar.

Regional market
Due to transport costs and limited delivery time of the product, concrete plants focus on the regional market. Concrete plants are usually settled near navigable water such as rivers. A big advantage to this is is that all raw materials (such as sand and gravel) can be transported over water.