Stone chippings

Dekker Group can deliver custom made stone chippings

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Crushed rock and broken gravel are called stone chippings. Crushed stone chippings have the function of enlarging the skid resistance of example the road surface of a bitumen road. Furthermore,  a road surface or pavement consists of stone chippings which are less sensitive to track formation. Stone chippings are not only applied to the road and infrastructure industry but also in high-grade concrete. Stone chip winning is done in The Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. Our delivery program encompasses a wide product line of stone chip sizes and types. Each type has a CE mark and can be supplied per truck or over the rivers with inland waterway transport.

Types and gradations of stone chippings:

The stone chipping types that we deliver come with a product certificate, KOMO and meet the requirements of the Dutch Agreement Ground Quality (Besluit Bodemkwaliteit).

Stone chippings from The Netherlands
Dutch stone chippings are available in the following gradations :
0/2 mm, 1/3 mm, 2/5 mm, 4/8 mm, 8/11 mm, 11/16 mm, 16/22 mm and can be ordered in a mixture.
Stone chippings are delivered in a variety of quantities (complete shiploads or packaged per 25 kilograms)

Stone chippings from the Rhine river in south Germany
These stone chippings are called Alpine Moräne Edelsplit and derive from large cobbles and are available in the following gradations: 0/2 mm, 1/3 mm, 2/5 mm, 4/8 mm, 8/11 mm, 11/16 mm, 16/22 mm and can also be ordered in a mixture.

Custom stone chippings
It is also possible to produce and deliver stone chippings on a client-specific recipe.