Dreumelse Floodplain

Redevelopment of the Dreumelse Floodplain

From the 1970’s up until this millennium, clay mining has been done for the ceramics industry in the Dreumelse floodplain.

Starting in 1985, industrial sand was mined due to the increasing demand. After the high tide in 1993 and 1995, taking in consideration the Noodwet or Emergency Law, clay was also mined to make the dikes stronger.

Our partners in this landscape development project are the Forestry Commission, Delgromij and Maatschappij tot Verwerving van Industriezand BV.

Landscape, flora & fauna
The land use plan is designed so that an area with undeep water between the dike and the pond is created. An ideal place for hide and spawn areas for fish. The plan also includes low dynamic nature so that only during high tide the banks around the pond will overflow.

The water in the Waal river is rich in lime so a lot of streambed plants get a chance to thrive at the Dreumelse floodplain. Examples of these plants are heksenmel, cross thistle and the large wide veronicas. This area is also an ideal place for birds. Lots of types of ducks but also the impressive wheatear, yellow wagtail and the little ringed plover can be seen here.

Sand and clay mining has been finished in the mean time and now the Forestry Commission is managing the area with livestock grazing.



GPS completed project :

Location :

  • Between Wamel and Dreumel
  • Left bank of the Waal river
  • KM Raai 916

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