Hedelse Bovenwaarden

The project: Hedelse Bovenwaarden

In the 1990’s there used to be two former sand reclamation lakes in the Hedelse upper flood plains on the right bank of the Maas river. Both former lakes have been combined into one lake.

Nature development and mining of aggregates.

This project has been done in partnership with Boskalis and Dutch Society for Nature Conservation.

Landscape, flora & fauna
On the east side of the lake there is a shallow water area which has been excavated and seven coastal zones have been created. Halfway down the west bank is a creek through which the lake is connected with de Maas. Due to the influence of tides (water fluctuations up to 20 cm) there is a stream two times a day with a decent amount of water flowing from de Maas to the waterpond and back and this attracts fish that swim up the streams. An interesting process of erosion and sedimentation occurs and also makes it an attractive area for birds. This area had an agricultural purpose but has been converted for nature to thrive.

The Society for Nature Conservation manages the area with livestock grazing. Grazing is needed so that the area will not become densely populated with trees such as willows en poplars.



GPS completed project :

Location :

  • Near Hedel
  • Right bank of the Maas river
  • KM Raai 218