Loonse Floodplain

Sand mining in the Loonse Floodplain

Starting in the middle of the 1980’s, sand mining was done in the Loonse floodplain. In the big pond that was created swimming was made possible. There are also two marina’s and a parking area for visitors who want to fish, swim or walk. In the past, the banks had to keep their agricultural purpose, according to the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. However, in the 1990’s after a high tide, there was a land use plan in the making in order to have an improved river safety. There were also plans made to make more nature development areas along the banks. By mining clay, both plans were successfully realized.

Recreation, nature landscape development, river expansion and sand mining

The partners in this project were Haven & Industrieschap Loonse Waard (part of the municipality of Wijchen), Delgromij, Maatschappij tot verwerving van industriezand BV (Dekker is shareholder in this company).

Landscape, flora & fauna, management
The area is grazed by ponies. Several birds such as grebes, tufted ducks and several types of geese have been spotted in the Loonse floodplain. There are also beavers in the area.


GPS completed project :

Location :

  • Near Wijchen
  • Right bank of the Maas river
  • KM Raai 180

In cooperation with :

  • www.wijchen.nl
  • Dekker van de Kamp
  • Maatschappij verwerving industriezand