The project: Reindersmeer

The Reindersmeer is near the former lock complex between Bergen and Well in the north of Limburg.

Up until the year 2000 concrete and masonry sand was mined in the former river dune Reinderslooi in Bergen for the infrastructure and building industry everywhere in The Netherlands.

The partners in this project were Centrale Industriezand Voorziening, municipality of Bergen, Foundation National Park de Maasduinen.

Landscape, flora & fauna
This is a nature reserve in development and is an important link between de Bergerheide and De Hamert in Wellerlooi (part of the National Ecological Network). The lake is 130 hectares and around this lake creating nature is the most important aspect of the project. There are plenty of opportunities for quiet recreation such as walking. The surroundings of the Reindersmeer are dry forests (Scots pine, birch, oak, rowan poplar), drifting sand areas, heaths and fens. The banks of the Reindersmeer are usually vegetated with bushes and all sorts of grass. Near the fens, the dwarf sundew and pennywort thrive.

The Reindersmeer provides a safe haven for all sorts of waterfowls such as tufted duck, wild ducks, Egyptian goose and greylag goose. It is also a breeding place for the Sand Martin and kingfisher. The many pools of water and fens are also appealing to insects like caterpillars and butterflies such as the studded blue and the small admiral. Also, the natterjack and moor frog come in large populations.

The management is focused on preventing wood storage in the wet parts of the area. This mainly happens through chopping and livestock grazing with a sheep herd.



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  • Near Bergen in Noord Limburg

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