Afferdense and Deestse Floodplains

The start for the construction of an extra water channel and redevelopment of the Afferdense and Deestse floodplains was made in order to strengthen the dike and to do clay mining for the ceramic industry. The Project Afferdense and Deestse floodplains completes the area and is the last step of the process. The project is set up in the fall of 2008. Funds for the realization of this project partly come from the NURG-gelden (Nadere Uitwerking voor het RivierenGebied) or sums which are funds for the further realization of the river area.

The two main goals of this project are nature development and high water level safety. The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment has taken measures to protect the land from floodings. In the Afferdense and Deestse floodplains, the Waal river is expanded to ensure that the the river can cope with the increased flow of water.

In over a length of four kilometers, a permanent side channel is built with slightly inclined banks. The water in this side channel fluctuates with the waterlevel of the river. Due to this effect, low and high tide is created and the water level changes periodically in large areas. In the future, this area attracts all sorts of animal life such as meadow birds and waterfowls. Furthermore, this project also makes room for the circuits free of any vegetation with grass lands full of herbs and new hardwood riparian forests on high tide free terrains of the former brick yards.

Boskalis is the main contractor of the project and Dekker Natural Resources is responsible for the sand mining of the project.

Landscape, flora & fauna
The land use plan meets the requirements of creating new nature with the construction of the riparian forest and livestock grazing with cattle and horses to prevent dense vegetation in the area. This results in new and diverse nature with wet and dry areas.

The area provides free access to recreational visitors so they can enjoy nature by strolling along the countless trails.




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Location :

  • Near Afferden and Deest
  • Left bank of the Waal river
  • KM Raai 901

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