Koornwaard floodplain

Making the Koornwaard floodplain water shallow

Sand mining site Koornwaard was developed in the past by our legal predecessor J. van Haaften. The location is used as a transshipment location for building aggregates. There used to be a landfill near the sand mining pond. The Neptunus group uses the pond for water sports.

Nature landscape development by working on making the water of de Koornwaard more shallow is currently under construction. Eventually, the Koornwaard will be transformed in a water sports and recreational area with lots of new nature.
An integral project approach is our motto and thats why we are also looking into the possibility of adding the area of the ‘Rosmalense Aa’ into the project plans.

The project partners are Kaliwaal BV, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Dutch Society for Nature Conservation, Water sports club Neptunus, and the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Landscape, flora & fauna
By using a top clay layer, the landfill was recently completely covered. Livestock grazing was a real benefit of this project. By making the pond shallow, undeep areas are created with a rich aquatic environment.

The area is now used for agricultural purposes and will be managed in the future by the Dutch Society for Nature Conservation.


GPS project in development :

Location :

  • Near Gewande
  • Left bank of the Maas river
  • KM Raai 215