Lobberdense Floodplains

Redevelopment of the Lobberdense floodplain


The plan of the Lobberdense floodplain is part of the land use plan Rijnwaardense Floodplains of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. This opens up the possibility for safely transporting an increased design discharge of 16000 m3/s of the river. The new Lobberdense side channel is downstream connected to the the Pannerdensch channel.

CIV (Centrale Industriezand Voorziening), Wezendonk Pannerden

Landscape, flora & fauna
For the Lobberdense floodplain we strive for a mosaic of riparian forest, swamp, clay pits, water ponds and half domesticated cattle which will graze the grass lands. Because of good quality water, the undepths and the recovered natural processes (river dynamics and livestock grazing) will result in a rich animal life with diverse and robust nature.

The clay pits in the northern part of the Lobberdense floodplain will stay separated from the new dynamics in the side channel. Amphibians such as the back stripe toad and the comb salamander will therefore stay in the area due to the ideal conditions. By developing extra ponds it will attract even more aquatic life.

Side channel
The dynamic Lobberdense side channel will potentially create new opportunities for typical Dutch fresh river fish such as the barbel, chub, ide,dace en gudgeon. The combination of the side channel combined with the existing sand mining pond could even attract the Dutch, threatened and legally unprotected vertebrate; the burbot. In the future, the ide and gudgeon might even spawn in the Lobberdense floodplain.


GPS project in development :

Location :

  • Near Pannerden
  • Right bank of the Rhine river
  • KM Raai 868