Marensche Floodplains

The Marensche floodplains

In the past, Alem was located in Noord-Brabant. However, the bend of the river was cut off and the canalization of de Maas in the 1830’s resulted in Alem becoming part of the province Gelderland. The former Maasarm or Maas meander is still visible today. The Maasarm or meander has been enlarged in the past through sand mining of Dekker Natural Resources.

The development of recreational facilities and the leveling of the existing banks in the area and the realization of new nature through the mining of natural resources.

Landscape, flora & fauna
The existing lake will be expanded without damaging the existing water bed. De Zuidoever or south bank will be modified for recreation, walking, sports fishing and enjoying nature. There will also be room for a small beach swimming area. The present islands will function as natural banks between the pond and the road to the Sint Andries lock.

The area mostly functions as an agricultural area and it will continue to have this function in the future. A part of of this area will be managed as a nature reserve.


GPS project in development :

Location :

  • Near Alem
  • Right bank of the Maas river
  • KM Raai 209