Randwijkse Floodplains

The Randwijkse Floodplains

The lake of Van Wijck was created through sand mining. Sand mining used to be a goal on its own. In the past, the usual work method was following the cadastral borders and there was no such thing as a land use plan. That is why the lake is characterized by straight, bare and sloped banks.

With the project Randwijkse floodplains we improve the landscape quality and the winterbed level of the river will be expanded so that the water with high tides flows faster and easier. In the future, less trucks will drive over the dike by moving the entrance road towards the brick yards which is an important improvement for the local traffic safety.

Our partners at this landscape development area are Wienerberger, municipality of Overbetuwe and Het Geldersch Landschap.

Landscape, flora & fauna
The banks will be finished by making them more flat and stabilized. Large areas with undeep water are created so that birds such as avocets and stilt-walkers can thrive. On the southwest side of the river, nature elements will be created so that steep edges for Sand Martins and kingfishers and grass lands for pasture birds will come into existence. Also, there will be a kite flying meadow, ice skating rink and a fishing place for disabled persons. Furthermore, there will be room for swimming or strolling on the trails.

If possible, Het Geldersch Landschap will organise the management of the area together with local management. The management will be focused on quality, ecological functioning, the use of recreational facilities and the guarantee of a well maintained waterflow capacity of the river.


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  • Near Heteren
  • Left bank of the Nederrijn
  • KM Raai 895

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