DMA Mineralaufbereitung

The mining process takes place at a side stream of the Rhine river on the German side of the border. Through the process of mining gravel a pond is created.

The mining of gravel. The floating plant ‘Jupiter’ provides the deep grab dredger ‘Mecure’ with gravel. The aggregates are stored floating in two silo ships, the ‘Rhinau’ and the ‘Rhinau 1′. The total stock is 2500 tons of different products. The mining has an open water connection with the Rhine river, which is the perfect waterway to transport the aggregates per ship to their final destination.

Landscape, flora & fauna
The pond is part of the nature reserve Taubergiessen. The area is part of the plan ‘Nature 2000′. In this area unique birds and wildlife thrive and the man-made pond is given back to nature and provides a new home to many different bird species and even migratory birds.


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