Haerst Genne

Sand mining at Haerst Genne

The sandmining location lies in the northeast of Zwolle near the buurtschap Haerst which is also called the Bomhofsplas or Bomhof lake.

The banks of the Bomhofsplas or Bomhof lake is created in sync with nature which leads to a balance between nature development and the mining of industrial sand. This makes for a win-win situation for the People, Planet and Profit.

The Dekker Group is owner of the desanding which is exploited by the Dekker Natural Resources.

Landscape, flora & fauna
The lake is situated in a polder and peatland landscape next to the floodplains of the Overijsselse Vecht. These floodplains are part of the provincial National Ecological Network (NEN). This area around the lake is open and spacious and in the southern corner there are young willows that slowly grow into bushes.

By using fertilizers on a large scale in the agricultural industry, eutrofiering of (ground) water, deposition through rainfall and the canalisation of rivers, the oligotrophic ecotopes have become rare.

During construction of the Bomhofsplas or lake, the nutrient-rich topsoil has been excavated and the barren sandy shores have been constructed. Because of this process oligotrophic pioneers habitats in combination with open water attract many waders and waterfowls. The Bomhof has also become an important resting place for whimbrels and gulls. The banks are also a great environment for animal species such as the natterjack, puddle rombout and several endangered plant species such as the waterweed and Nordic sedge.

The edge zones of the lake are leased to local farmers and by letting them do livestock grazing it creates diverse vegetation which is good for nature and good for us.


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