Les Gravières Rhénanes

The project: Les Gravières Rhénanes

The area stretches over a total of three municipalities: Diebolsheim, Friesenheim and Rhinau. The mining site is connected to a small river named de Issert. The water management is secured by the creation of the lake near the Issert which takes care of the low and high tides and stabilizes the water level. Les Gravières Rhénanes lies next to the Rhine which is canalized on this very location.

The main goal of this project is to mine gravel. The gravel is excavated with a floating deep grab dredger. By using floating transport belts the gravel goes through the installation plant from the river on land.The aggregates are then transported per truck or over the river with barges and the load is distributed to their end destination.

Landscape, flora & fauna
In the lake a salmon breeder is breeding salmon and this is made possible by the excellent water quality. When the mining is done a beach will also be created for visitors to enjoy and some fishing piers also for the local fishing club.


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