Over de Maas

The project: Over de Maas

In the land use plan or ‘Streekplan’ of the province of Gelderland a F3b- location was set up as a mining area for industrial sand. At the end of the year 2002 the municipality of West Maas and Waal had decided to relocate the F3b-location to the river forelands near Alphen.

The next step in the process is planning and construction and due to the size of the project an environmental report was done to ensure safety for the natural surroundings of the project. Several different reports were made which are called environmental impact reports. From all these reports, the VKA + or ‘preference alternative’ was chosen. Based on this environmental report several licenses were requested and given and in January 2010 the construction was started.

The project the Maas has two main goals; on one hand, the mining of 15 million ton of industrial sand and on the other hand the development of over 140 hectare of new nature development. By developing new nature we create expansion for the river, which is an important aspect of high tide river safety measures.The area will also be open for recreational purposes and the management will take care of the premises in a sustainable matter which is good for nature and the visitors who want to see nature in its purest form.

The project execution will be done by Over de Maas CV, municipality of West Maas en Waal, Society of the Preservation of Nature, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and RVOB (state property and development company) and all of them will work together to make this project a success in a sustainable and efficient way. The ground work and ceramic clay sales will be done by Delgromij.

Landscape, flora & fauna
The area is around 227 hectares and is situated in the municipality of West Maas and Waal and it also includes the northern river foreland of the Maas near the small town Lith, which is also called ‘Over the Maas’.
Furthermore, the Moleneindsche waard near Alphen is also part of the land use plan. The area used to be an agricultural production location and is cut by the Veer road near Lith. The weir at Lith divides the Maas in an upstream located weir house and the lower stream located GetijdenMaas.The tide difference is on average 4 metres.

In the near future, the focus will be on sustainable management in combination with livestock grazing. In the light of this an agreement has been made between several parties to work together such as the Over the Maas CV, municipality West Maas & Waal, Society of the Preservation of Nature, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and RVOB. The municipality of West Maas & Waal will be fully responsible for the management after the project is completed and will in turn together with local nature reserve management take care of the actual nature reserve management. After the start of the execution of the project, several edge zones already had their land use plan realised. During construction a larger expanding area will be delivered to the residents living in the nearby town.


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