Tull en ‘t Waal

Starting in October 2008, the construction of a recreational lake has begun in the river forelands of the Lek at the height of the dam called Hagenstein in the municipality of Houten. During the construction of this lake, industrial sand and filling sand are excavated and this means that this is an efficient self-financing project.

The northern lake will provide plenty of space for recreation such as swimming and fishing and the southern lake will be suitable for vegetation and animal species. This project area connects seamlessly to the already existing recreational area. The lakes are to be constructed in phases.

The Recreatieschap Midden Nederland is the bidder of this project and the construction of the lakes and Ballast Nedam Grondstoffen is our partner in mining the aggregates.

Landscape, flora & fauna

The northern recreational lake and the southern new nature development lake keep each other in balance since there is enough space for both visitors and animals to enjoy and thrive in. There will also be a beach, sanitary facilities and there will be benches to enjoy the magnificent view over the lake during all seasons of the year.

The nature development consists of the construction of an extra frog pool whilst the existing frog pools will remain intact. The lake with shallow banks allows for enough possibilities for pioneersvegatations to develop. At the opening of the Lek will also be a viewpoint constructed so everyone can see how beautiful nature can be. Furthermore, the visitor can stroll along the trails to enjoy nature to the fullest.

After completing the project and giving the area back to nature and the visitors, Recreatieschap Midden Nederland will take care of the management.



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