The project: Zaarderheiken

Sand mining has been done for several decades now at Zaarderheiken. The sand mining location can not be seen easily due to the surrounding forest. This forest is part of the National Ecological Network (NEN) and is a stepping stone for the route to Kraijelheide and Houthuizerheide.

The goal is to meet the demand for local filling sand with the quarry Zaarderheiken. Once the project is completed we always take care of nature and this will be done in the shape of a new nature development with a few undeep fens. Directly next to the A37 highway there will be a crossing terrain.

Zaarderheiken will be operational in cooperation with Jos Hecker & sons from Venlo.

Landscape, flora & fauna
One large pond and two smaller ponds will be constructed and the shape of those ponds will emphasize on the geomorphically (shapes of the landscape) important land dunes. There will be plenty of space for several plant species to thrive with a transition from wet to dry soil. On the drier range of hills there will be the development of birch and oak forest combined with a diversity of conifers. In the open areas there will be species such as heather and several grass types. Between the man made cross terrain and the nature reserve is the Everlose Creek. The creek will be expanded in order to create a meander. Due to the strong current, this meander process will get a higher ecological value. In the future a viewpoint will be created and can be acessed starting from the Newtonweg.


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