Mining of sand and gravel

Wet and dry processing of aggregates
Subsidiaries of the Dekker group are equipped with both processing plants on land and water. By processing on water the processing and loading is solely done simultaneously. The loading happens with a floating installation with a inland waterway vessel. With a processing plant on land there is more capacity to store natural resources. Outlet from a land plant is usually done by truck( per axel).

The art of mining
The process of sand mining starts with a suction dredger. After the cement mortar goes through the suction hose to the dredger, the mortar is pumped via a floating pipe to the floating or land processing plant. Furthermore, the mortar will be separated in various gradations, dewooded, washed and dewatered. Afterwards, the various residue products are stored in silo’s. With gravel mining, the classification is the same, however the mortar will be dredged with a grab crane or dredger instead of with a suction dredger.

In order to make sand and gravel which the client has ordered, a variety of gradations (available in the silo’s) is mixed on a client-specific recipe. In this way, it is possible to make a wide variety of sand and gravel based on client-specific recipes.

Controlled end product
During the mining process but also during the loading test batches are continually taken and analyzed on the plant. This ensures a constant quality control and the client can rest assured that we deliver a good and controlled end product.